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What goes up must come down….

A few weeks ago, my friend Arturo and I hiked Silver Star Mountain.  It offers one of the best 360 degree summits within a day’s drive of Portland. As we flew down the highway towards the trailhead, we were stoked because the day was clear which meant a killer view from the top.

A steep incline for at least the first mile through the old growth forest got our hearts pumping and eventually the trail opened up to expose drop-dead gorgeous views to the south and west. The wild flowers were in their full glory and we could see the summit miles away.  We pressed on.

About 3/4 the way up the 2000 ft. elevation gain, a layer of clouds suddenly moved in and we both knew that our chances of the perfect view had just vanished.  So it goes with mountains.

Despite the clouds, the summit was exquisite.  We marveled at the multiple landscapes and silhouette of peaks, paused for pics and I took a phone call from a sewer company about a sewer scope. Typical day. Thank God for a patient hiking buddy.

I don’t know about how your mind works…  As soon as I reach a summit my mind starts thinking about the descent.

I’ve been reflecting upon this experience and how it relates to real estate.  For at least a few months, I have sensed that the Portland market has reached a peak and notice an undercurrent of anticipation and fear of the descent. The frenzy of multiple offers has quieted a bit. There is a new lingo going around that sellers are making price improvements rather than price reductions. I think we all got caught up in the climb and I feel the weather changing.

Silver Star Mountain reminded me of a few things.

Enjoy the peak regardless of the incoming weather.

Change doesn’t mean that something is wrong only different.

Very few people reach the summit on a perfectly clear day just as very few sellers sell at the top and very few buyers buy at the bottom of the market.

We have little control over the weather and the market but complete control over our viewpoint about it.

Its always best to live our lives fully and in the moment and put one foot in front of the other.

Happy Trails!!!!





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