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I am THRILLED to have been selected as the next host of the Emmy nominated TV show, The American Dream “Selling Portland.”

This is a unique opportunity for a select few that I can’t wait to embrace! Since building my real estate business around lifestyle is my passion, this feels like a natural next step for me to include this in my life and business.

The American Dream is a REAL show, not a fake reality show, focused on “positive media” about lifestyle, real estate and our community.

The show will be airing on CABLE, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku. A lot will happen on social media so be sure to watch for new footage on all of my social platforms.

I am so honored to represent the Portland community and can’t wait shine a light the lifestyle, people and real estate of our beautiful city but I need your help!

HUGE FAVOR! The executive producer said specifically that they are looking for me to interview and share the stories of the biggest voices in our town. The movers and shakers, innovators, CEO’s, philanthropists, etc. Those making a positive impact on our community, as the show is meant to combat negative media with real and positive stories.

WHO should I feature on the show? I would LOVE and appreciate your introduction.

Share with me your favorite Portland eateries, shops, artists, non-profits, outdoor events… that I should feature on the show. If you discover a new cool spot, reach out!

We highlight real homes too!  If you know of anyone who is considering listing, I’d love to talk to them and discuss highlighting their home to the producers.

I am so excited to take you on this journey with me!!!  Thank you for all of your support! I wouldn’t have this opportunity without you.



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