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High Tide and the Portland Real Estate Market

It's high tide in Oceanside and just about high tide in Portland's real estate market as spring rolls in!  Inventory decreases as spring buyers enthusiastically re-enter the market.  Stay tuned for what happens as spring unfolds. https://youtu.be/xzj1f4UUhR0  ...

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7 Great Reasons to Retire in Portland

One my greatest pleasures as a realtor over the past 14 years in Portland, Oregon has been helping people relocate to our beautiful, vibrant city and introducing them to the wonders of the area.  You might not think of Portland as a hotbed for retirees but there are...

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This Little Piggy Went to The Market

I am regularly asked, "How's business?"  In other words, "What is happening in the Portland market and should I be excited or concerned?" According to others, I am a walking-talking real estate barometer. My answer to that question right now is...  "this little piggy...

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God Send Me A Sign!!!

On a clear, October evening I stepped out into the middle of a quiet North Portland street to wait for my clients.  It was a gorgeous, still night. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Something had emerged from a yard about a half of a block away and was...

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Thank You 2018!!! Hello 2019!!!!

2018 was a year of helping the best clients buy and sell homes, community, the First Annual Portland Dog Boneanza, many celebrations of new beginnings and acknowledgements and witnessing of endings. It was a year of yoga, health, adventure, nature, friends and family,...

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