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Portland home buyers have notoriously favored the beautiful vintage homes that define many of the inner-city neighborhoods. It is easy to get wooed by the charm of a 1920’s Craftsman or the swank of Mid-Century Modern Ranch but the reality of living in an older home and the cost of upkeep and utilities can be sobering.

With home affordability more elusive due to higher interest rates and an ever-growing awareness regarding the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, buyers and homeowners are getting savvy to the costs of this vintage affection and are putting high value on sustainability and smart home features.  Thankfully there are many ways to keep the charm and improve performance, comfort and affordability if you choose to do so.

Below are the key features that buyers are prioritizing when looking for a sustainable home and ways to add value and comfort to your current home.

Energy Efficiency
High-Quality Insulation
Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors
Energy-Efficient Appliances
LED Lighting

Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Panels
Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Water Efficiency
Low-Flow Fixtures
Rain Harvesting Systems
Tankless On-Demand Electric Water Heaters

Sustainable Materials 
Eco-friendly building materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, recycled metal and low VOC-paints
Locally sourced materials that reduce the carbon footprint in transportation

Indoor Air-Quality
Ventilation Systems
Use of Non-Toxic Materials that do not emit harmful chemicals

Smart Home Technology
Smart Thermostats
Energy Monitors
Automated Lighting

Sustainable Landscaping
Planting Native and Drought-Resistant Plants to Reduce Water Usage
Permeable Pavement to Reduce Runoff

Passive Solar Design
In new builds, orienting the structure to maximize on natural light and heat during winter while minimizing heat gain in the summer.

Go Electric
EV Charger
Mini-splits or heat pumps as a heating and cooling source

There are several local and federal programs that reward this eco-conscious movement with rebates and tax incentives to help offset upgrading your systems.

Portland General Electric
State of Oregon
Energy Trust of Oregon
Federal Tax Credits

If you have any questions on how these home improvements might affect the value of your home, reach out!
Your safety, comfort and well-being are important to us.

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