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Timing and willingness are everything……. This week I celebrated with my incredible and smart clients who closed on homes in the SE Portland neighborhood of Lents otherwise lovingly referred to as Felony Flats.  One couple closed on their first rental property and the other couple gets the keys to first new home today. I couldn’t be more excited for them and am looking forward to watching their properties appreciate – most likely rapidly.

Many buyers ask us “What are the best areas to invest in?” Lents is always on my list and now evidently the word is officially out.  Huffington Post recently published an article listing Lents as one of “12 Neighborhoods Across America That Are About to Blow Up.”

So what is the big draw to Lents besides more affordable housing?

Lent’s International Farmer’s Market on Sundays May- November

Lents Park with Off-Leash Dog Area

Night-Life at O’Malley’s , N.W.I.P.A. , Zoiglhaus, and the legendary Devils Point

Good Eats at Foster’s ,Viet bakery An Xuyen, Road Runner BBQ, HK Café, and Portland Mercado

Lent’s Town Center/Foster Road Max Station

Being willing to think outside of the box is key to finding the next best thing whether it is in real estate, vacations or making dinner on the fly.

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