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On a clear, October evening I stepped out into the middle of a quiet North Portland street to wait for my clients.  It was a gorgeous, still night.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Something had emerged from a yard about a half of a block away and was headed straight down the road towards me at a very deliberate pace. In a flash, a strong, beautiful coyote approached me and I respectfully stepped out of its way.  It never seemed to acknowledged my presence and continued on its straight as an arrow path like it was walking a tight rope until suddenly it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Sometimes you are given a sign…..

When Amy and Josh arrived, I excitedly shared my experience as I unlocked the door. Amy said, “Maybe it is a sign!” They ended up writing an offer on that house. I suggested we do it immediately. That very day they had gotten the disappointing news that another buyer had won out on what Amy felt like was their dream home.  I didn’t want them to miss out on this one too!!  That night: Offer submitted and accepted!

“The coyote often symbolizes the trickster or joker. Don’t be fooled by the coyote’s way: In any circumstances you encounter, no matter how pleasant or clear they appear to be, there’s a hidden wisdom for you to reap. Coyotes also remind us that anything we do to others will come back to us—good or bad.” 

It all seemed to be coming together seamlessly.  The listing agent loved the coyote story and said that his favorite animal was the coyote. Inspections went well. We were ready to ask for repairs when…. An email came in saying that the buyers of the first house had walked and were Amy and Josh still interested?

You know that feeling when something just doesn’t feel right in more than one way?

I reached out to share the “good” news. I could hear the angst in Amy’s voice. I shared what I could see and waited for their call back.

It is really the best feeling when a client tells me “I absolutely love being in this house.” I am sure that the coyote still lives in the neighborhood and maybe some quiet, still evening Amy and Josh will have the charmed experience of meeting him themselves. Buying a home asks us to walk a sometimes tense, straight and narrow path that if trusted allows us to tap into our own coyote spirit.

Bruce painted them a coyote as a house warming present. It all ended The YogaBug Way.



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