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I have literally been brought to my knees very abruptly 3 times in the last 3 weeks. 

Wipeout #1  The hike was completely gorgeous with waterfalls and almost no one around when we ventured down by the stream to explore a crossing. In an instance of sheer terror, I realize that my dog was being taken down the stream by the current despite her swimming attempts. I lunged towards her to save her, slipped on the slick river rocks and plunged into the cold water face first my knees and hips meeting the rocks with full force. She got to the shore, shook it off and I eventually escorted her safely back across. Seconds later, my other dog pulls on the leash and I lose my balance landing hard on the rocky shore tailbone first. At least I was evened out front to back.

Wipeout #2  It was a relaxed Saturday afternoon and I stopped by a friend’s house to deliver some fresh strawberries that I had picked and a bag of beans because I bought enough for the entire city at Costco. With my mask on and glasses beginning to fog, beans in one hand and strawberries in another, I ventured to the building to get a parking pass. On the way, my foot hits the edge of the curb not quite right, I twist my ankle at a 90 degree angle and down I go.  I hit the pavement like a linebacker. Thank God for strong ankles.

Wipeout #3  On yet another stunning hike with Arturo and the dogs…  We meet up with an elderly man on the narrow trail so I leash the dogs to pass him. We then encounter his lady companion a few feet ahead.  As the dogs pull me downhill because they hear water at the bottom and I glance at her to say “Hello”, my foot catches a root and with dog leashes in hand I face plant on the muddy trail.  That one REALLY hurt. The lady promptly says, “If you aren’t falling or getting lost, you are not hiking enough.”  Evidently I am hiking plenty these days.

When I set out for my third big hike of the month, the word “HUMILITY” rang in my ears. No fall.

In real estate, humility wins as well. 

Portland’s real estate market can be humbling even for the well-seasoned. Tight inventory, high demand and COVID-19 create a unique challenge.  Buyers win through a willingness to step out of their comfort zone in some form and shoot for the stars in order to get their dream home. Sellers win by having realistic expectations, pricing their homes modestly and realizing that although we are still experiencing a sellers’ market, times are fickle and the truth is is that we never know until we know. Being courageous and humble seems to be the winning game.

This week I climb Mt. St. Helen’s. Humility will be my climbing buddy. May the ascent be deliberate and the descent be uneventful. Pics to follow!!!

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