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I enjoy being proven wrong. Sometimes anyway…..

This spring, I received a call from a lovely woman referred to me by a dear friend/client.  She had been earnestly looking for her Portland dream home for 4 months with another agent and sounded exasperated by the process.  We agreed to meet.  She asked if she could bring her Golden Retriever to the office.  My response, “Seriously? Did you even look at my website?  Of course!”

Dogs are always a good sign.IMG_6034

Merna and Sophie arrived.  Merna is a tall, strong, well-put-together woman with straight, blonde hair and sophisticated looking glasses.  Sophie is an older Golden with her own version of blonde around her snout.  We cut straight to the chase. Merna had drafted a Buyer’s Profile that made the concept of setting a matrix seem like child’s play. She meticulously outlined the size, layout, neighborhood, placement of key pieces of furniture, location of kitchen garbage, very specific Feng Shui requirements and more.  I have NEVER in 12 years seen such clarity of vision in a buyer!!!  To be honest with you it scared me.

The only issue……  I looked Merna in the eyes after she so thoroughly shared her list and said, “Thank you for sharing that with me.  It is very helpful.  The only problem is that it doesn’t exist.”  Maybe if she had another $300,000 to spend we could find it.  Maybe.

Did I mention that I love being proven wrong….

Bruce showed her a couple of houses.  Merna diligently drove neighborhoods and attended open houses to weed out the “no’s.”  The whole time my internal dialogue was, “Pam don’t get attached to this.  The likelihood of Merna finding a house is so minute. If it happens it will be a miracle.” My expectations were low but I was intrigued and frankly just really liked her.

Miracles do happen…..

The first house I showed Merna she got an accepted offer!!!!  It seemed perfect.  I was so excited for her. The joy on her face was priceless.  She indulged in a DQ on the way to the office to celebrate before writing the offer.  Holy crap!!!!  Then we found the mold……

The search continued.  Again, I said to myself, “Pam don’t get attached.  Don’t freak out.”

It took a couple of weeks but house #2 presented itself.  Of course, house #2 was way better than house #1. Despite multiple offers, Merna won out.

9Right around closing time, I was cleaning my desk off and came across Merna’s Buyer Profile.  I thought, “I wonder how many of her specifics she actually manifested?”  As I read down the list I was stunned and a huge smile came across my face.  It was truly remarkable how many of the boxes were checked.

Merna was a huge teacher for me.

Never settle!  Never sell myself short! Never shy from dreaming big and asking for exactly what I want.  How in the world is the world supposed to read my mind anyway!!!!!


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