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From the summit of Mt. St. Helens!!!🏔 Yesterday I had the great pleasure of hiking Mt. St. Helens with three incredible people 💛💛💛. The weather was perfect starting with clouds ☁️ and mist early on and clearing to blue skies ☀️ above the clouds. It is truly a trip to be standing way above the clouds and not on an airplane ✈️. This hike is always vigorous and challenging but yesterday I was reminded over and over to have fun and enjoy. On the descent I witnessed a raven playing in the snow close to me. He ate the snow, rubbed into it, slid and rolled. He was experiencing joy. I am so blessed to have a strong, healthy body and willing mind and open heart despite my fears. I am blessed to have wonderful brave souls to adventure with. Enjoy this weeks Portland Oregon Real Estate stats from the summit and looking into the crater of an active volcano!!!



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