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This one’s for Mom and Dad❤️ Last week I summitted Mt. St. Helen’s 🗻 on a smoke-filled day to bring you the August 2022 Portland Real Estate 🏡 Update. It is an arduous 💪 , magical 💫 hike and the weather can shift to change conditions at any time. After miles of smoke and fog, I looked up to see a portion of clear blue sky and smiled for a moment knowing that although it was exciting to think that we would have a view at the summit, that was no promise so I took a picture of the blue 💙. These long challenging hikes are a contemplation for me. I love enjoying the journey. I thought of and appreciated my Mom and Dad several times. Our family has been through a lot this year and the journey is far from over. I marveled at the strength and endurance of my physical body. My goal was to have fun and feel gratitude. It was socked in at top but the feeling of accomplishment was not dampened. I love you Mom and Dad! Thank you for always believing in me even if you didn’t agree with me.



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