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I summited South Sister 🗻 today with my hiking partner Arturo. Due to the heat wave 🥵 and exposed and challenging nature of this hike I was a little nervous. Unusual for me…

The books say it’s a 11.6 mile hike with a 5000 foot elevation gain. My phone activity app registered at 17.6 miles (which I attribute to short legs and having to take more steps than the average human to get to the same place 😂.) Arturo’s registered at 14.5 miles. We started at 6am to try to beat the heat but still felt it on the way down in particular. We probably hiked 13ish miles. Despite the haze from the fires, the views were still spectacular. It is a real trip to be seated higher than other mountains. One thing that I absolutely ❤️ about hiking challenging mountains, is being humbled by the mountain and our feats and reminded that being consistent and putting one foot in front of the other creates magnificent results. Enjoy the Portland Oregon Real Estate stats from this stunning spot. The other two Sisters are behind me.



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