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If you are a woman, you have stood in the proverbial women’s restroom line countless times.  Yesterday at ReFresh- a Portland conference about technology, economics and real estate- the women headed to the ladies room line during a break.  Anyone who knows me, knows that standing in line is not my mode.  I’d rather hike up or down the stairs seeking an alternative and that’s exactly what I did.

In the quiet of the women’s restroom stall, it hit me that the “alternative” way is often a lonely, but rewarding way. It was only myself and a fellow realtor who in that moment thought outside of the box during that break. We exchanged knowing smiles as we headed back to our seats.

When I returned to the conference ballroom the words “INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP” were boldly on the screen.  I was reminded that leaders are often those individuals who actuate the saying that “the instructions for thinking outside of the box, are on the outside of the box.”  I felt a deep knowingness and gratitude for my lack of patience for standing in line at times and enjoyed the rest of the conference.

This is how I run YogaBug Real Estate and I am deeply grateful.

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