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Sometimes an experience makes a BIG impression.

Determined and happily sunburned,  Bruce and I recently headed out on the search for a memorable South Maui beach snorkeling experience.

19b9c15e71ea005d943a0e118d12dc58We arrived early at the Po’olenalena Beach parking area, lathered on the sunscreen and flip-flopped towards the ocean with snorkeling gear in tote. I noticed some people taking a somewhat hidden path through the grasses away from the beach and we followed. The path led us to the most beautiful, private beach we had found yet!

Within minutes, we staked our claim to a perfect shade spot and headed towards the ocean with snorkel gear in hand. I quickly suited up and was ready in the water; i.e. nickname “Pamfish.” Bruce on the other hand was taking a little more time to coordinate the fins, mask and waves.  The water was shallow and once we were about waste deep, Bruce shouts, “I have the car keys in my pocket!”

Within less than a second, serenity evaporated and adrenaline took over. I screamed over the crashing 17022260_10208869778202903_817766861677170646_nwaves “Get them out!!!!” Poor guy finally got the gear on and now he was struggling to hold a set of soaked keys in the air as he negotiated the waves and fins. By the way, these were those keyless keys with a note on them that says “DO NOT TAKE IN WATER.”

Thoughts fired from my primitive brain center.  “The car isn’t going to start and we are going to have to spend the whole day getting towed, going to the rental car company, paying a ton of money to get a another car.” “Our wallets, cell phones, and food are in the car. CRAP!” “We are almost out of water already.” “I had a feeling I should have asked him about the keys.”

In that rambling, panicked moment I violated the one big ocean rule. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN. As I watched Bruce scramble to shore a wave came up from behind me and with one big surge swept my snorkel and mask into it’s vastness.  !*#*@!!!  The dollar signs and inconvenience were multiplying rapidly.

In double panic, I furiously began searching. I snorkeled the whole beach using Bruce’s mask. Approached every living being on that beach including the naked ones. Any inhibition I had about speaking to naked people evaporated as I asked for help in finding my gear.

One woman shared that she lost her mask too.   Her husband such a bad experience a month ago at this beach that he lost all of his equipment except for his mouthpiece and went home with a black eye. He hasn’t been back and ordered a full face mask online.  OUCH!!!

IMG_5560Bruce put the keys out on a lava rock for them to bake and I relaxed with the fact that the gear may never turn up. Children played in the foliage behind our shade spot. Some generous people shared their water with us and we went on to enjoy the beach, water and sun.

I was reminded of all the times when I surrendered to an experience and only then did the answer come. 

In the end, another snorkeler found my gear and the car did work.

BUT that is not the end of the story….

The next day we visited Mimi and Les, the people from whom we were renting their studio apartment during our stay. We were excited to meet them, parents of a beloved friend of ours, and hugs were immediately exchanged.

After sitting with them for almost a half hour, we shared our story about the keys and the gear.  They empathized and started to share their stories about the same beach. They said that Les had ordered a full face mask after his ordeal.

In a moment of profound realization, Mimi and I looked at each other and realized that she and I had spoken on the beach the day before regarding Les and the black eye!!!  We burst into laughter and Mimi did a little “that-is-crazy” dance around the room. It was so profound that it hurt.  Of all the thousands of people who were on the many Maui beaches yesterday, we found each other!!! The stars were aligned.

night-stars_00244763That beach will always be fondly called “Serendipity Beach” to me. We were all reminded of the greater plan for all of us.

Bruce and I often share this same principle with our clients.  We deeply believe that if you put your best foot forward and are sincere and honest in your process to the best of your ability and then allow some grace to enter the process the stars will always align. If you are meant to get a house, despite all circumstances including 20 other offers it will be yours.  If you are not meant to have a home, regardless of your effort, you will not get it.  Buyers and sellers align like stars as well. It is our job and gift to be there for loving, awake support and witness.  We are blessed to do what we do. Thank you Maui!


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