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I recently returned from a week in Vegas at the Katie Lance #GeSocialSmart Mastermind. Despite my lack of Vegas indulgence, I still felt like I needed to detox when I got home. The image of people hunching over the craps tables at 5:30 am as I headed out for my morning run lingered.

I realized that although I might not be a Vegas gambler, I am no stranger to rolling the dice.


It was May 2022…
I met with some lovely Sellers planning to list in September.
The market was at its SMOKING HOT peak.
I delivered the market analysis for their home.
They saw dollar signs in their eyes as we all did at that time.

Fast forward to August… 
Interest rates continued to rise and the market was softening QUICKLY.
My Sellers were feeling anxious and decided to list early.
I delivered the sobering news that their home was worth about 50K less than in May.
They listed at my suggested price.
The “perfect” buyers appeared; the house went under contract.
Too many cooks were in the kitchen during the inspection period and the buyer was afflicted with paralysis by analysis.
No sooner did the celebrations ensue than the buyers terminated.
Sellers were devastated, depressed; their anxiety reached an all-time high.
“What if it doesn’t sell?” “Maybe we need to rent it.”
Deep breath.

As I sat with myself, I was concerned. Now we knew that the house needed a new roof and a radon mitigation system. My Seller had already mourned the 50K price difference from May to August. How could I ease my Seller’s anxiety moving forward? Then the clouds in my head parted and I heard….


I suggested a 25K price INCREASE.
Roof replaced. Radon remedied.
Staging Placed. New photos. House looked amazing!
The dice were rolled AND….
We close this week at full price.

Sometimes being audacious pays off. Stepping into risk can be the only way through. Although this scenario is the exception to the rule in one sense, in another it isn’t. In an atmosphere of uncertainty and change, we must write our own story and be open to whatever enables us to reach our goals. I am deeply grateful for clients who trust my guidance despite all the challenges of this market.

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