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Right now, I am up in the wee hours of the morning checking off the things that “need” to be done before stepping on a plane to the southern tip of Chile. Almost a year ago, my friend Karen texted, called and emailed me simultaneously so I knew something serious was up. The short of it was, “Do you want to do a trek in Patagonia with me?.” Without a moment of hesitation, “YES.” There was nothing to think about.

I had heard about Patagonia but the truth is that I really didn’t know where it was exactly on the map until a few months ago. I literally had no idea I was almost going to Antarctica. I received the trek info but I only looked at it enough to confirm my YES, pay for the trip and then shelved it for months.

“The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything.”
Old Zen Saying
You see at the moment that Karen reached out to me I was in a state of surrender. My hiking partner Arturo and I had attempted to snowshoe the White River Sno Park with my dog True but the snow conditions were not safe for her so we abandoned our plans, hopped in our cars and headed to the White Salmon Bakery. Essentially, we traveled all the way around a mountain to end up at a bakery! There was something about that surrender-the-expected moment that made me open to what I could have never imagined.

As the trip grew closer, people kept saying, “You must be so excited!” My answer, “I am excited and terrified.” Lots of puzzled looks and “You’ll do great! – You’re going to love it!” offerings later I still feel that way except maybe more terrified than excited. I have never been worried about my ability to do the trek. Never questioned Karen’s planning.  It is the unknown that is terrifying to the mind. I could spend hours Googling Patagonia’s O-Trek but it would still seem surreal. Last night, I watched a 20-minute documentary about Torres del Paine National Park. It was outrageously gorgeous and I still went to bed afraid.

This is all coming from a person who dives headfirst into the unknown and almost demands it regularly. I am constantly putting myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable. The difference with this one is that I have had almost a year to anticipate it.


A couple of days ago, I called Arturo.. I probably call Arturo 3-4 times a year and its never to talk. Who needs to call someone that you spend 4-8 hours with each week on a trail with nothing to do but talk or not?  I figured I wouldn’t see him for a while so I called. The topic turned to the weather. He always knows what the weather is going to do. He hikes.

Me: “Well as long as it doesn’t snow on Wednesday because I am flying out.”
Him:  “Yeah me too.”
Me: “Oh right you’re going to Miami. You leave on Wednesday?”
Him: Yeah.
Me: I fly through Miami. What time is your flight?
Him: Around 9.
Me: No! My flight is at 9:10am. But you are probably flying American.
Him: No I am flying Alaska.

We are on the same flight.

At that moment, I knew what I always knew. I am meant to go on this trip. I don’t know why but I am going. It will be life-altering in ways that I will only know when I know.

What does this have to do with real estate. Everything. Buying and selling homes is often terrifying to the mind. Despite your diligent research, trust in your real estate agent and their vast knowledge, your knowingness that you are capable of affording and making a move… there are many unknowns. You are essentially getting on a plane to somewhere you haven’t been and the only way to find out where it will take you is to move forward. I suggest looking for the “Arturo moments.” Some people see them easier than others. Be open to the signs along the journey and they will show up in a language uniquely yours.

IF YOU ARE MOVED TO…  Reach out to Bruce to say “Hi!” or “Let’s grab some coffee or a beer” in the next week. He will probably be all dogged out and need some human companionship. 🙂 503-351-4205. THANKS!


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