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“When is the best time to sell a home in Portland?”

This past week we voyaged out in the YogaBug mobile office for two beautiful nights on the Oregon Coast…our first adventure in Lil’ Bug!!! During the 3-hour drive Bruce and I talked about how both of us were picking up a sense of urgency in our home-city environment. We suspected that MANY people were fitting in their last minute vacays and school year prep before the clock turned to September.

I often tell my Buyers that a great time to write an offer is when other people are distracted- like now. On the other hand, I advise my Sellers on the “Flow of Portland’s Selling Season.”

Other than last year which was anything but normal, Portland does have fairly predictable selling season cycles. Starting in early to mid-February Buyers are out and ready to get the pre-spring ball rolling. Often Sellers wait until March/April to list so if it suits your timing, a February list date might be a good case of the early bird gets the worm.

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to list in February though. Statistics show that the majority of Portland Sellers list between March and May when the Buyers are out in force. Often prices peak in May. Memorial Day can bring a lull and although summer picks up it isn’t as hot as spring. In August people often become distracted until about mid-September and then a second wave of “time to sell” occurs. Usually the fall wave isn’t as intense as the spring but healthy none-the-less.

Ultimately the best time to sell or buy is when you are ready. When we are ready, things always fall in place with less effort and more ease.

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