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I recently had the great honor of being asked to present at the Awesome Females in Real Estate Conference in Fountain Hills, AZ. This conference is the crème de la crème of women leadership in the world of real estate. My topic of discussion was “The Power of Being a Unicorn vs. a Thoroughbred in Today’s Real Estate World.”

Every time I have presented at a national conference, I have spoken on the first day. I didn’t know until I arrived in AZ that this time would be different. The agenda had me positioned in the “inspirational talks” at the close of the conference. The “now what do we do” after this experience group.

Have I ever shared that waiting is one of the most challenging things for me? It’s the anticipation that kills me. After seeing the agenda, I soothed myself saying, “This gives more time to prepare.” Inside, I knew that it was a test.

The morning of my talk I awoke extra early to take a pre-dawn inspirational walk in the heat of the desert. My plan was to rehearse with the Sonora cacti as my audience. The sun was just beginning to illuminate the horizon as I stepped on the path and before me stood a herd of wild horses. I stopped in utter amazement of their beauty but even more so because of the significance of their image. My talk was about horses. Magical horses. These magical animals seemed unaffected by my presence with the foal meandering and one adult kicking another in the hind quarters. It was a profound reminder of the sheer perfection of the timing of my talk. Instead of rehearsing, I simply walked.

What does this have to do with real estate? As the market shifts and slows, not all homes are selling in a few days. It could take a few weeks. This can feel like an eternity to a seller. The angst of waiting is real.  It is time to make friends with the waiting. If we can believe in the perfection of timing and trust that we have prepared properly, the angst can turn into curiosity. The reward far greater than one can imagine.

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