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“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”  Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

From as far back as I can remember, I wanted a dog.

For every Christmas and birthday I hoped for a dog.  I spent endless hours on my swing set at night swinging back and forth wishing upon the stars for a dog.  To this day, my Mom reminds me of how I brought every stray home in the hopes that it could become mine- sometimes twice.  Eventually around age 10, I “adopted” the neighbors dog Raven.  I would call him from my yard (two houses up from his), he would jump the fence and join me on my adventures.  He was loyal, smart and always full of love.  I LOVED that dog and he was my best friend.  I was devastated the day I found out he was hit by a bus and I would never see him again.  That experience did not damper my love of dogs but deepened it and as an adult I have surrounded myself with animals.

You are probably thinking: Why didn’t her parents let her have a dog?  That’s what I wondered too. I didn’t realize that my sister was allergic to animals and I am sure there were other reasons.

On Saturday, Sept. 14th on Alberta St., all of that LOVE of dogs is being channeled into one HUGE dog party that I invite EVERY dog in Portland to attend.

The 2nd Annual Portland Dog Boneanza!!!  

Last year with the help of our sponsors and you, we raised $3500 for the pups at Family Dogs New Life Shelter. My goal this year is $5000. The folks at the shelter expressed that the funds went to vetting the dogs, meds and enrichment toys all of which make the dogs more adoptable.  It costs approximately $12,000/month to run the shelter.

What do dogs, the Portland Dog Boneanza and real estate have in common?


Home is a powerful thing. It is a safe place to rest, play, grow and love and be loved.  As a realtor, it is my great honor to help others find anew or sell a cherished home.  The Portland Dog Boneanza helps the pups find HOME as well. Please come out and play, donate or spread the word. We need your help.

For details on the Boneanza, click the dog below.

Dog Yoga with Pam starts at 9:30am and Jess of Fuzzy Butt Pet Photography will be taking your pups photo compliments of YogaBug starting at 11am. Don’t miss it!

Thank you and Love~

Pam, Bruce, Bhakti and True

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