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I had the deliciously delightful experience of visiting Woodblock Chocolate Manufactory & Café on NE 17th St. in Irvington yesterday and fell in LOVE!!!

It’s one of those humble spots in that you just have no idea what is going on inside those wooden doors until you enter.

Walking in, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful 100 year old vintage Royal roasting machines that they still use to roast the cacao. The friendly lady who served me explained that they still work perfectly except that the thermometers are off so the roaster uses a special thermometer to test the temperature during roasting. I would love to smell and see that next time!!!

The café is inviting and bright and of course the chocolate and coffee possibilities are incredible. This is the PERFECT local chocolatier to buy Valentine sweets for your Sweetie!!

As my YogaBug life goes… Although I didn’t meet the owner while at the Café, I went to teach yoga downtown immediately afterwards and as I walked into the Big Pink building before me stood the owner Charlie with a stand of his Woodblock Valentine Chocolates!!! Some things are just divinely meant to be.

Woodblock Chocolate is one of those spots that once you go once, you want to go back soon. Thankfully, we live in the neighborhood. 😊

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