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Whether you relate to drama or karma it all plays out the same in the world of real estate. 


It all started with a growing family.
My Friend was going to lose it if she didn’t get more space.
Followed by an Instagram post that some IG “friends” were selling their home.
A tour where she fell in love with a house that fit her like a glove.
A SMEG fridge. I only know 2 SMEG fridges. One in my Friend’s house and this one.
A deeply felt love-letter to the Sellers .
Money talked and she didn’t get it.
A call that the buyers got cold feet. The house was hers.
A painful breakup and suddenly my Friend was moving into her new home alone.


All dolled up and ready to go we list her house.
Should be a breeze right?
Offer deadline set…
Expecting multiple offers.
One well-over-list price. ACCEPTED.
Done right?
Agent frames me and lies.
Buyer terminates and demands money.
I call my Friend while she is on vacation to give her the bad news.
Hire an attorney (have never done this in 16 years of business) to make sure Buyer has nothing to stand on.
Check sent.


Back on the market…
Ecstatic Buyers call me and want to write an offer.
Offer written. Another offer comes in.
Seller picks my Buyers.
Buyer gets assaulted in Denver. Surgery. A line-up of criminals. Hate crime.
Party sewer line becomes no party.
Give the neighbors the bad news and pray they cooperate.
Coordinate between three homes, two sets of tenants to get 3 sewer lines replaced.
Seller agrees to all repairs.
Buyers get cold feet and terminate.
They decide not to buy.

Right about now, I am about to lose it. Then the miracle happens.

When I am open to it, I am graced with the realization that things might not be about when I think they are about. The skies open up…


Back on the market… Third times a charm.
Armed with inspection reports, sewer repair signed contracts.
Two strong offers.
Chosen Buyer is thrilled.
Waives inspection.
Sewer work takes 4 weeks.
I text my Friend: “WE ARE CLOSING TODAY!”
She texts me: #@!* F@*!ing YES!!!
Time to move on.

It seems like real estate is about houses. It really isn’t. It’s about people moving through their lives, having the experiences they need to have in order to grow. At least that is my experience. The hard ones are the ones that I learn and grow from the most. I am deeply grateful to have this journey with my incredibly graceful, thoughtful, courageous and trusting Friend. It is a win-win for all in the end.

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