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Some things are just meant to be.

On the rare occasion, I get excited about a home. My internal butterflies flitter and my eyes widen like a child wanting to take it all in.

photoIn February, that happened.  I showed a historic Queen Anne Victorian in the heart of Irvington to an adorable family.  Admittedly, Victorians aren’t my passion. They are usually like my memory of a bad date.  Gorgeous on the outside but when I get inside things seem fragmented and dark.  This one was different.  The history and quality of this home built for the famous local stain glass maker John Povey in 1891 oozed from the aged wood and jewel-like stained glass that infused the residence.  I was smitten.

Secretly I wanted them to buy it.  But it just wasn’t meant to be and we found them a beautiful Tudor in Eastmoreland.  I didn’t forget about the “Jewel Box.”

About the same time a lovely agent, Catherine, from Berkeley reached out to me.  Her client, Sally, was interested in exploring and perhaps moving to Portland.  Catherine met me when I shared the YogaBug story at the Inman Connect conference almost 3 years ago and connected with the YogaBug way. Sweetness was building.

All of the properties that  Sally showed interest in were architecturally significant so to my delight I added the Jewel Box to the tour list. The night before they arrived, I found out that Catherine was good friends with a beloved client of mine who I helped move to Portland 7 years earlier.  I knew this visit was going to be juicy!!!!!17884449_10209176012618572_2528107746510193486_n

With lipstick on and coffee in hand, I picked them up at the airport  and we did the 36 hour world-wind tour of Portland.

Lunch at Bollywood Theatre, shopping on Alberta, Powell’s Bookstore, dinner at Departure, Moonstruck Chocolates…..  and of course houses. I got to know these vibrant ladies. They are both textile artists. Sally has a grown son and her other kids are her birds. A macaw named Tia and two cockatoos named Marsh and Mellow.  Loved it!!!

When we walked through the door of the Jewel Box, Sally paused.   She is a tall, red-haired stately woman who moves with grace and purpose.  She slowly took it all in and quietly said, “I didn’t think I would like a Victorian.” As she stood against one of the tall, rich door frames with the stained glass of the living room and light behind her, I had that moment. Chills ran up my back and I KNEW this was her house.  She and this IMG_5772Queen Anne looked like long lost sisters.  Catherine concurred.  As we drove off, Sally said, “That house is like a jewel box.”

On the rare occasion that I have these deeply knowing moments about houses and people, I do my best to keep it inside.  I don’t want to freak the person out or put any pressure on them.  We moved on to the next home.

That night in her downtown hotel, Sally read in the house history that “the transom over the front door has clear-glass cockatoos, their heads bent, their tails in a swoop.” 

This home had been on the market for nine months which is an eternity these days.  The next day we had an accepted offer.

Sometimes people ask us, “Why has a home been on the market for so long?”  Our answer is usually, “It is waiting for the right buyer.”

I don’t believe in coincidences. We know that EVERY person will be united with the perfect home regardless of the shape and form. Sometimes it takes patience and a little tenacity but things align.  It is our great pleasure to facilitate and witness that meeting.

Some things are just meant to be…..







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