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What could be better than delivering keys to clients who live in Kauai?

It’s true. In March we flew to Kauai, rented a Mustang convertible and hand delivered Lisa and Dan the keys to their new home in Portland. This trip was one of those spontaneous ideas that popped into my often over-active head. I knew that I would be insane to pass it up and Lisa and Dan were thrilled we were coming.  BTW we always go cheap on rental cars. The mustang was another spontaneous moment. Convertible hair is hilarious!!!

Each day involved breath-taking island beauty, ocean air, real estate and water. Simply perfection.

Two months earlier, Lisa called me saying our mutual yoga friend Lucy gave her my name. The next evening, Bruce and I were on Skype with Dan and Lisa doing the meet and greet and I asked them if they had any homes they were interested in.  NE 122nd, N McKenna and….. NE Holman. Holman ended up being the winner.

It wasn’t until we shared a celebratory dinner in Kauai, that I understood what transpired during that Skype visit.  Evidently, when they mentioned the Holman house they said that  I looked like I had seen a ghost. Hmmm…  I had thought I was over all of THAT…….

THAT being the extremely challenging transaction that had closed in September.  What I now call “the OTHER Holman.” Every once in a while, I real doozy comes along.  The kind that my mind just wants to go away.  It was a sheer miracle that the OTHER Holman had closed.  I think it is fair to say that all involved parties were glad to move on with their lives.  Afterwards, I vowed to turn it around.  I spent my entire commission check on our new house so that every day I could fully enjoy rather than loathe my OTHER Holman experience. It felt pretty progressive on my part.

What I didn’t realize was the power of that intention….

It wasn’t until mid-way through the Kauai voyage, that it hit me. What I thought was an incredible gift to myself of spending that whole commission check on my new home was just the tip of the gift wave. The powers greater than me were going to make sure that my conscious decision to not dwell in negativity would be so out-created that I would weep with gratitude. That I did.  When I realized that not only would I enjoy my new house, but Holman brought me to this beautiful island, celebrating with incredible new friends who opened their Kauai home to us in the future and so much more, I was humbled.

When given lemons, don’t stop at lemonade~ book a trip to Kauai and have a Mai Tai on the beach!!!



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