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Portlandians who live close to downtown, myself included, are witnessing Portland busting at the seams with new construction. The majority of the building is in the  apartment and leased commercial sector with a few much needed condos and single family dwellings interspersed here and there. As much as I get around town regularly, the rate of expansion astounds me!

My typical internal dialogue when I turn the corner and see yet another prepared building site is “I wonder what is going in there?”  If you are having the same dialogue, the website  NextPortland.com is a very cool tool that answers these questions. NextPortland.com has maps charting multi-family residential, retail, cultural buildings, educational buildings, hotels and other large projects happening in the City of Portland. They cover both new buildings and major alterations or additions to old buildings.

Just click on the icon closest to your curiosity  you will get the latest info on what is proposed or being built.  NextPortland.com gets its information from PortlandMaps.com,City of Portland Auditor’s Office Efiles,Bureau of Development Services Metro Reports and Bureau of Development Services Land Use Review Notices, Hearings and Decisions.





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