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“We begin to learn wisely when we’re willing to see the world from other people’s perspective.”  ~Toba Beta

My newsletter is a little late this month but for good reason….

My one and only sister  Vickie was in town this past week. The ongoing joke between Bruce and Vic was “Where are we going now? Alaska? Mexico?” Vic joked that she didn’t have her passport so Mexico was not an option for a day trip. The joke of course was on me and my constant state of motion.

My Sister was the best sport ever. She gracefully experienced my life as a realtor as I towed her to listings and she waited for me to get off the computer/phone. But don’t get me wrong… we played hard.  A day at the Oregon coast, Mt. Hood adventures, diving into the Portland food scene repeatedly, shopping, Powell’s, Saturday Market and whatever there was to experience between it all. My mindset for the week was to show her a heck of a good time, be present and appreciate.

What I didn’t expect was the viewpoint she offered as someone who is open and experiencing Portland from a tourist/visitor perspective. Portland has had its fair share of challenges in the past 1 1/2 years. The city has experienced pandemic, devastating homelessness, riots, increase in crime, record wild fires, ice storms, heat waves, a slow reopening and more. The media has monopolized on the negativity and I didn’t realize the impression it had made on my psyche. What Vic experienced was a vibrant, friendly, fun city with its breathtaking natural surroundings. She saw the homeless camps and trash by the freeways but she was taking it all in as a whole. She reinforced why I love living here and introducing people to Portland.

Through it all I have been bullish on Portland as a city and its real estate market. To me, we are a city ripe to address long-term issues that should no longer be tolerated or ignored. The pandemic brought to the surface what was already in existence. Portland is in a time of growth and growth is never easy but it is necessary. Those who are meant to move on will leave for new adventures and those who are meant to move here will come. It is all part of the natural evolution of the City as well as those who inhabit it. I am deeply grateful for the time with my sister and the viewpoint is has offered me.

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