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A lot of things come in cycles in my business, including unicorn sightings.

Once you see a unicorn, you can’t unsee it. You find yourself looking and hoping for another sighting. That was the case for two of my clients recently.

Unicorn Sighting #1:

Bruce and I met a very sweet couple at an open house last year. When they were ready to buy, they reached out to us. The first house we walked into my eyes widened. I KNEW it was an unusual home that would fit their needs!!! Plus, it came with an adorable litter of kittens living under the back deck.

I was smitten….  But they were not so sure. I just met these folks and was hesitant to show the depth of my enthusiasm.  I pointed out the positive qualities and encouraged them over the next couple of weeks to return.  She wasn’t sure about the neighborhood.  He wasn’t in a rush. By the time they realized the perfection of this house, it was too late and they got outbid by another buyer.

Unicorn Sighting #2

Our beloved client referred her sister to us. Sister had found her dream home earlier in the summer while looking on her own. It was a waterfront property that she could see her furniture in. She didn’t think the property was worth the list price, offered less and later another buyer stepped forward and now someone else is living in what she felt was her house.

Unicorn: “something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain.”

As the observer in the room, I see unicorns as guides, as way showers. The pain comes when we can’t let go of the quest to find another unicorn.

Buyers #1 will soon move into a beautiful new home that doesn’t look like the unicorn but  will serve them even better in ways yet to be discovered.

Buyer#2 is still searching.  If she can let go of the unicorn, I believe she will find the perfect home. If not then it might be a rough road.

We all have unicorns in our life…those moments that we want to hold onto because they were so magical. For me, 2020 has already proven to be an invitation to leave my unicorns behind and set sail for new adventures yet to be written.

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