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“May your choices reflect your hopes not our fears.” Nelson Mandela

I have had anxiety about traveling alone since I was young. My family didn’t travel so home was what I knew.

First, it happened when I volunteered at Easter Seals Camp for a few weeks in the summer during high school. I was uncomfortable, missed my boyfriend and came home~despite the consequences.

Second was the summer scholarship to the elite Howard University Pre-Med Program.  Only a handful of us were chosen from throughout the country to attend. I got on a plane by myself for the first time in my life, was living in the ghetto of an all black neighborhood where doors were left open and people slept on the floor. I was the only white person in the program.  My anxiety overwhelmed me at night and I eventually called a cab, got in and flew home~ despite the consequences.

Thirdly was Penland School of Crafts. I signed up for a week, drove myself to the Smoky Mountains in NC and bunked up with a bunch of gals as we immersed ourselves in art- my dream. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t relax surrounded by unfamiliar people and noises. My teacher was a hard ass. Again without telling anyone, I got in my car and drove home.

These “failures” made a deep impression on me only because I didn’t understand the power of choice.

On June 30,2019, it came up again…

I was slated to climb Mt. St. Helens with four yogi friends on July 1st. We had it planned for months. Slammed at work and stressing heavily I didn’t know how I could physically make it happen. Bruce sweetly helped me gather the ice ax, crampons  and ready the car for car camping (my first alone) . Just in those three items there was ALOT of unknown for me. I was under a major time crunch to get a new listing on the market the day I hiked the mountain. I had so many things to do that day and I did them one at a time, made it to the trail head to secure my camping spot and had a beautiful evening in the shadow of the mountain.

The Difference:  I lovingly gave myself the choice to change my mind at any point.

There is ALOT of anxiety for people when they buy and sell real estate because the unknown is BIG. People are leaving the known for the unknown and even if the unknown is exciting and clearly the next step, it is still the UNKNOWN. I counsel my clients that I will tell them all I know about this road.  I will tell them exactly how to get their dream home. I will tell them how to sell their cherished home with the most return and the least stress. Ultimately EVERYTHING is their choice.


There five yogis stood at the base of the trail in the early hours of July 1st ready to hike the mountain. It was my friend Arturo’s birthday. I had picked up 6 delightful, colorful vegan cupcakes from Back to Eden Bakery and had one lit up. We sang.  Then it happened. Each yogi picked their cupcake of choice. My always insightful friend Benjamin pointed out that if you have 6 cupcakes and 5 yogis then everyone gets to choose and no one takes what is left.  BIG SMILE.



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