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“Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.”
                                                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a Realtor involves A LOT of doors. Literally thousands of them over the years. Some open easily; others take a special patient touch and others a shove to open or shut.


The DOOR of 2021 is about to close. Below is a reflection of a small fraction of memorable doors.

Bye-Bye Love Letters

The passing of House Bill 2550 made Oregon the first state to outlaw Buyer Love Letters. The days of Buyers pouring their hearts and souls into love letters to Sellers in the hope of convincing them to accept their offer are over others are bygone. This law is intended to avoid discrimination in violation of the federal fair housing laws.

Hello Housing Supply Chain Shortage 

According to a Forbes article, the price of lumber increased 288% in one year by June 2021.  For the first time in my career, my clients who were under contract on new construction and only a few weeks away from closing received a letter from the builder that the sales price of the home was increasing 50K despite the agreed upon contract terms to cover rising construction costs. The Builder claimed that this “adjustment” was necessary to avoid becoming insolvent. My clients chose to walk away and find a better fit.

Social Distancing Eased

For the first time in 2 years, I joyfully visited my family, attended 2 weddings and a real estate conference, gathered with more friends and was able to see the entire beautiful faces of my clients albeit outside of houses most of the time. The mask mandate felt like the revolving door of 2021. Mask On- Mask Off- Mask On.

Authenticity Ruled 

The door to more authentic connections swung open wider than ever. I have always strived to be real and transparent in my business despite my insecurities and doubts. 2021 humbled me as the calls and emails from those who somehow found YogaBug came in and these people chose us to be their trusted Realtor. There is no greater reward than to work with the cool people that I am meant to work with. THANK YOU FOR MAKING 2021 AN EPIC YEAR!

Although there are many interpretations of “Be an Opener of Doors,” I hear it as an encouragement to be a channel of service through living an authentic life. I aspire to have my business reflect this and to serve in an even more pure and joyful way in 2022. Whatever your personal interpretation might be, I wish you courage, clarity and tons of fun in your 2022 voyage.

HAPPY 2022!!!

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