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Spring is officially upon us and as usual weekends are for real estate in our household!!! Big news here though, both Bruce and I got our COVID vaccines yesterday.  His was scheduled and mine came from showing up where I wasn’t invited, asking politely but firmly and then being ready when they called because one extra dose was left at the end of the day!!!!  We are both very grateful.

The monthly stats came out last week and I ventured to Dog Mountain to deliver the numbers to you.  Most folks hike Dog Mountain in May when the yellow balsamroot flowers are at their glory. It is truly spectacular!  I love this hike pretty much any time of year because of steep elevation gain of 2800’ in 3 miles up and beautiful year-round views. I usually take the longer way down and miss the crowds. Inventory is half of what it was this time last year and wait until you hear how prices changes in one month!  Enjoy!

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