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“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”
                                                                   John C. Maxwell

Portland has been and still is the “baby city” of the West Coast. Until recently, it felt more like a big small town than a major city. There was a softness, naïveté to Portland unlike the edge of sunny Los Angeles, bustle of cosmopolitan Seattle or the buzz of dreamy San Diego. Portland was weird, quirky, friendly and most people liked it that way.

The “Baby” is Growing Up

The pandemic and other worldly events has fast forwarded Portland’s inevitable evolution. A homeless crisis, graffiti, clogged freeways, more aggressive driving, increased crime are now part of Portland’s story too. It’s not just in those “other” cities.

Then There is the Cost of Housing…..

Not too long ago, I would reassure weary LA or Bay Area buyers saying ” A million dollars gets you ALOT of house here.” Relatively speaking that is still true, but there has been a dramatic shift.

From 2020 to 2021 the number of million dollar or above homes that sold in the Portland Metro Area increased by 103%!

2020: 465 1M or Above Homes Sold
2021: 945 1M or Above Homes Sold

What is contributing to this seemingly sudden rise? We were actually creeping up there all along but a few factors have accelerated the pace: the disparity between supply and demand of homes driving prices higher and the influx of buyers from more expensive markets. Many people can now work from anywhere and they are choosing to leave the expense and stress of the bigger west coast cities for the more affordable, friendly Portland.

You Can’t Take Portland Out of Portland Baby!

Despite challenges and inevitable change, Portland continues to be an amazing city and offers an incredible quality of life. We are still the most affordable big city on the West Coast. The people of Portland are welcoming, friendly and giving. We can get in our car and drive to breath-taking mountains, valleys and coastline within an hour. We cherish creativity, community and sustainability. Growing up is inevitable and it is often uncomfortable. The test is how we embrace change moving forward.

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