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It’s been quite a year….

In October 2019 YogaBug Real Estate became an independent brokerage and we moved into our adorable mobile office, a 1961 re-issue Shasta Airflyte Trailer (aka Lil’ Bug). It’s been quite a ride since.

My entire 2020 business plan was centered around community events, YogaBug movie nights, client meetings and travel in Lil’ Bug. It was all exciting and brilliant. By mid-January, I had flights scheduled for 4 real estate conferences, multiple personal trips, was planning a yoga retreat, road trip, on and on. 2020 was planned!!! Then COVID hit….

“Man Plans and God Laughs”
For the first couple weeks of COVID, I spent time watching myself vacillate from feeling like a pride of lions were chasing me to a calm in suddenly being yanked out of my relentless routine and instead at home gardening.  It took some time but I settled into a new norm and systematically canceled all the flights and events. Suddenly Lil’ Bug became a sanctuary rather than a public space and the real estate market began to move again.
Just About Then I Found the MOLD
I was straightening up a cushion in the back of Lil’ Bug and to my horror found extensive water damage all over the paneling in the back. For about an hour the cushions and Clorox were flying and I completely freaked out.  Have you seen that episode on Seinfeld where Frank Constanza is practicing rage management and screams out….

That was me. Then a miracle happened as I watched my blood pressure skyrocket, I said to myself, “This is NOT an emergency. I do not have to fix this right now. I am not going to let this control my state.” That moment was so transforming that it has empowered me through COVID, social unrest outside my doors on many a night and in my city, fires that made the air we breathe hazardous and so much more this year. This year has been an opportunity to surrender over and over and open my eyes to what is possible when I get out of the way and thrive.

After a few fiasco incidents with trailer repair places, I ended up doing all the repairs on the trailer myself with the guidance of a new friend and expert vintage trailer restorer in Texas. Now that some of the crowds have retreated due to the rain, we will soon set out for our first nights in Lil’ Bug to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  I am deeply grateful to see how all of this is just for me. My attitude about what I experience defines my experience. I can only laugh at my eager plans and keep planning hopefully with a greater wisdom moving forward.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and trusted us along the way especially our clients.  It takes an incredible team of individuals to make such amazing experiences.

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