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“On a hot summer day, there is no better company than a crystal clear body of water.” 
Sentiments from the YogaBug canine team Bhakti and True 
The dog days of summer have arrived and people are flocking to the beaches and rivers in droves. The dogs and I prefer to seek out those quieter places that might take a bit more effort to find but can offer not only a gorgeous spot to cool down but also quiet and solitude if we are so fortunate. Take a picnic, a good book and maybe a swim suit depending upon your preferences 🙂 and try to go on a weekday. Below are a few of our favorites.

Brice Creek Falls: Excellent swimming, cliff-jumping, waterfalls and deep plunge pool.
Elephant Rock- Chetco River: Multiple jumping spots. Different heights. Low traffic.
Siouxon Creek: Beautiful hike, deep, crystal-clear swimming holes and waterfalls.
Keening Creek at Wilson River: Large deep pool, cliff and bridge jumping.
Sharps Creek: Cliff-jumping and dark green water.
Alder Flats: Deep blue-green pool with cluster of basalt outcroppings.
Pegleg Falls: 60-ft. wide pool at bottom of 15 ft. waterfall.


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