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“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”  Tony Roberts

It all started with a lovely drive in the Oregon countryside.

When my clients and I walked into the first house that day, I got “THAT” feeling~the feeling I only get every once in a while. It’s like that feeling of seeing someone across the room that you can’t take your eyes off of. It sends chills up my spine and shouts “THIS IS THE ONE!!!” I always contain my excitement and thoughts in those moments and that day was no exception.  These folks didn’t believe in buying the first house that they saw.

Next came the deliberation, negotiation, inspections and bids, more negotiations….all with just one small caveat…in order to buy this homestead they needed to sell their luxury condo and fast.

When the condo came on the market, it looked PERFECT. I readied for the exclusive open houses and an offer or two. What was the uneasiness inside of me that I couldn’t shake? Was I overworked? Feeling the pressure? Then IT happened.

The market shifted. Time passed. The deal fell through. CRAP

About this time, I am full on in the process of letting it all go and simultaneously thinking of anything/everything I could possibly do within and outside of the box to sell this condo. Every time I showed it, I wore what I call a “POWER” dress. The second power dress proved to possess the magic and an offer was forthcoming.

Another caveat…..my sellers would sell for NOTHING less than full price.

The offer was 100K below list. The buyers were certain of their perceived value. Sentiments of hope and joy were not exactly in the air.

Ask my mother and father, the words “impossible” or “no” have never been something I responded well to or paid much attention to. Over the next 48 hrs., the strategy began to unfold.  There was a lot at stake.

The first call was to the listing agent of the country property.  “I realize that your sellers had already dropped their price quite a bit, but in order to make this all come together would they consider lowering it another 50K?” The agent didn’t sound happy or promising but he would ask.

Response #1: YES

The second call was to the buyer’s agent.  “I realize that your clients have a particular perceived value of this condo but in order to make this come together would they consider coming up 30K from their original offer?”  Buyer’s agent was not feeling confident that this would come together.  “Would you just please ask?”

Response #2: YES!

Another call to the buyer’s agent.  “We are still 20K below what my sellers need in order to sell and I am not willing to let this dissolve.  I will contribute 15K if you will contribute 5K of your commission. Does that work for you?”

Response #3: YES!!!!

Finally….I go back to my sellers. At this point, in my mind there was no guarantee that even though they would be getting the equivalent of their list price that they would agree to it all. “If the sellers of the country house come down 50K, and the condo buyers come up 30K and I reduce my commission by 15K and the buyers agent reduces his commission by 5K, would you sign off on that?”

Response #4: YES!!!!!!!!

When the condo and the country house closed, the Great Domino Effect began.

Domino #1     My clients got their price and a beautiful new homestead in which they will create countless precious memories.

Domino #2     The condo buyers got the view they always wanted and the perfect floor plan.

Domino #3      The buyer’s agent got paid and listed the buyers condo.

Domino #4      The country property agent got paid and was able to close on his clients next home..

Domino #5     The country sellers moved into their beautiful new home.

Domino #6 & 7 The sellers of the home the country sellers were buying got to move into their new home and their agent got paid.

Domino #8     The escrow agents got paid on all of the closings.

Dominos #8, 9, 10 and ON and ON     The contractors who will do work on these home will profit from it all.

After making sure all the documents were signed and closings arranged, Bruce and I took off on a long-awaited trip to Italy.  It was there that I could reflect upon and appreciate what had transpired.

Being in another country magnified for me the truth that despite our outer differences, we are all so intimately connected. The Great Domino Effect is one continuous stream of give and take.











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