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A True Story…..

It all came down on NE Emerson St. I was strolling home one Saturday afternoon after teaching yoga and spontaneously decided to stop by the store to pick up a couple of things. While checking out the cashier asked, “Would you like a bag?” Being a “proper” Portlander, I declined.

About a block from my house, I noticed a couple peeking over the fence of a listed home. Out of my mouth came, “Can I help you?” Surprised by my approach, they carefully asked me if knew about the house. It just happened that I did! I had helped my friend Beth price that house so I shared all my offerings including that it was pending. They were bummed.


Me: Are you looking for a house in the neighborhood?

Them: Yes-kind of.

Me: Do you have someone helping you in that search?

Them (carefully): No, we don’t.

Me: It would be much more efficient if you had someone who knew the neighborhood well looking for you. Would you be interested in talking about that?

They were understandably timid and I think timid in general. I didn’t have a business card on me so I texted Bruce because I knew he was home and asked him to run one down to us. We began to walk towards my house chatting. I learned that they lived in the neighborhood. He was an engineer and she a seamstress for a theatre company. I was attracted to her artistic, natural flair and his quiet, quirky demeanor. By the time we rounded the corner, Bruce was bounding towards us with a smile ear-to-ear as Bruce usually does. He handed me the card and I handed it to them.

Them: “I WOULD like for you to look for houses for me.”

Me: GREAT!!!! It would be my pleasure!!

I asked for their email and realized that I didn’t have a pen. No problem. She reached into her purse and pulled out a pen.


The woman handed me the pen and the only thing I had to write on was the Tampon box.  Everyone was looking at me realizing what was about the come down and the woman smiled broadly and the man chuckled.  Within two weeks I sold these cash buyers their dream home.


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