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Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life…

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination and the promise of a New Year, things are looking up. I’ve been reminded recently that inspiration is only an upward gaze away.

LOOKUP Moment #1
On a recent Sunday morning, Bruce and I headed to COSTCO for a prompt doors-open 9:30am arrival. We strategized our divide-and-conquer game plan and I visualized myself whipping through the store unscathed as Bruce made the return at Customer Service. We pulled up to my designated parking spot greeted by a line of about 200 people with the same idea except that they knew about the 9:45am opening and the limited number of Pendleton blankets. We waited and stared at the line… you know that stare. Within moments, Bruce LOOKED UP and a majestic bald eagle flew directly over us with a crescent moon as its backdrop.

LOOKUP Moment #2
When I hike, I spend the majority of my time looking down at the trail negotiating the terrain and attempting to avoid a dramatic wipe out. Near the end of a magical hike in the Indian Heaven Wilderness, my friend and I pondered whether the trees we saw from the viewpoint could have been the illusive Western Larches, a conifer whose needles turn golden yellow in the fall and drop. Within steps of those words something inside said, “LOOK UP” and we suddenly realized that we were amidst a canopy of golden needles framing the crystal blue sky!

What does this have to do with real estate…

In a year of pandemics, protests and riots, devastating fires and divisive elections, it can be tough and sometimes scary to remember to LOOK UP.  The Portland real estate market has been a positive force during these times carrying the economy and continuing to look promising in the future.

Whether you are happily saying GOODBYE to 2020 or HELLO to 2021, may your New Year be full of many inspiring LOOK UP moments that are only an upward gaze away.


Thank you for Helping to Make 2020 a Successful YogaBug Year!!!

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