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At the YogaBug office, I recently had the privilege to spend some time with a group of exceptional yogis who are moving and shaking in the yoga world. They were generous enough to share some of their wisdom when asked a relevant real estate question.

“What are some effective ways to deal with the stress of making quick decisions when buying and selling real estate in Portland?”   Here is what they had to say…..

img_3781“Going forth on a big move like this is very important and I think you should reflect much before making a decision.”

Eddie Modestini, Maya Yoga Studio, Huelo Hawaii


kristin                                         “Listen to your intuition, ask all of your questions and Breathe!!”

                                          Kristin Boseels, Yoga Teacher, Westside Studio, Sebastopol, CA



“Always sleep on it. This is a big decision, it has the capacity to deeply affect your life. Do your best to mentally/emotionally slow down the decision-making process.”

Erik Thuss, Owner and Yoga Teacher at Westside Studio, Sebastopol, CA


“When you are making a housing decision that might be stressful,  hire a team like Pam and Bruce who have years of meditation/contemplation experience who can slow the process down so it feels comfortable and confident.”

Sarah Robinette, Tiny Bench Yoga, Portland OR

YogaBug’s specialty is combining our experience and expertise to foster a holistic home buying and selling experience for all of our clients.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in this type of a real estate experience, we are your people.


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